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LED controller  
RGB infrared remote controller(DMX)


The RGB infrared remote controller ( DMX ), infrared remote control handle,360W-720W output, DMX output, long gradient

Basic parameters

Working voltage: DC12V-24V

Output current:10Ax3 channel

Load power:360W-720W

Load type: RGB total LED lamps

Gray scale:65536

Output signal: DMX512 protocol signal (RS485 signal )

The efficiency of the whole machine:95%

Housing material: ABS thickening

Protection grade: IP20

Warranty: one year

Testing and certification: CE, RoHS, A&V

Functional description

The controller to work with DC12-V24V wide voltage range, DC5V optional, output independent three channel PWM light modulation current, bus current10Ax3, applicable to RGB a total of type LED lamps, the maximum load power for720W

Can output the standard DMX512signal, DMX512/ 1990, DMX512 / 1986, DMX512A and other versions of the protocol

High quality MOSFET power output device, bus to bear the moment impact current up to 87A, greatly improve the product safety

Equipped with 20key infrared remote control handle, receiving angle of 60 degrees,6 metres from the sensitive reaction

Support speed / mode / brightness power-down memory,4000V electrostatic protection function

More than 20full-color gradients, colorful jump, strobe and colorful controller effect

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