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LED strip&LED bar  
Led strip light-3528 Details

Led strip ,led flexible strip ,led soft strip,smd3528 led strip ,3528 led strip light-120leds/m...

Size: 8*1000MM          
Light source: SMD 3528
Leds numbers: 120leds/meter
Color: White,Warm White,Cold White,Red,Yellow,Green,Purple,Orange
Beam Angle: 120°
Work Voltage: DC12V,24V
Work temperaturer:  20℃~+40℃
PCB color:Yellow,White,Black
Packing: 5m/roll
Lifespan: 50000-80000h

Product parameters:

Model          Specification   Power  Leds/meter  color temperature/  Color      Waterproof
JK-SMD3528-30     8*1000mm         2.4W      30leds/m          2500-9000k             white       IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-30     8*1000mm         2.4W      30leds/m          625-630nm              Red         IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-30     8*1000mm         2.4W      30leds/m         590-595nm              Yellow      IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-30     8*1000mm         2.4W      30leds/m         465-470nm              Blue          IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-30     8*1000mm         2.4W      30leds/m         515-520nm              Green       IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-60     8*1000mm         4.8W      60leds/m         2500-9000k             white         IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-60     8*1000mm         4.8W      60leds/m         625-630nm              Red           IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-60     8*1000mm         4.8W      60leds/m         590-595nm              Yellow       IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-60     8*1000mm         4.8W      60leds/m         465-470nm              Blue           IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-60     8*1000mm         4.8W      60leds/m         515-520nm              Green        IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-120     8(10)*1000mm    9.6W       120leds/m       2500-9000k             white           IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-120     8(10)*1000mm    9.6W       120leds/m       625-630nm              Red             IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-120     8(10)*1000mm    9.6W       120leds/m       590-595nm              Yellow         IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-120     8(10)*1000mm    9.6W       120leds/m       465-470nm               Blue            IP65/ IP68
JK-SMD3528-120     8(10)*1000mm     9.6W       120leds/m        515-520nm              Green          IP65/IP68

1. Using super bright SMD LED as light source. High brightness, low-light decay, long life, color and good consistency;        
2. Can be bent, can be arbitrarily fixed in the concave surface; small size, rich colors. A red, yellow, blue, green and white and other colors for customers to choose;
3. Every three or six LED lights can form a loop; every three or six LED lights can be cut along any of the above tangent, without   damaging other parts;  
4. Low voltage power supply, security and stability;                    
5. Formed by the printed circuit board, on the back of a double-sided adhesive for paste, small size. There are many colors available for customers choice;  
6. For transparent or non-transparent material around the light;                  
7. Each volume of the standard length: 5 meters / roll, according to customer requirements.
8.Long life,use50000~80000 hours ;        
9.P68 Waterproof, dustproof, no harm will soak pressure, anti-acid  .  

Application: Used in Led Ribbon,led Lightingbox,Led advertisement screen,Led guard rail etc,home interior,outdoor decoration and other lighting engineering project.

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